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24 November

RIP Dane Searls

BMX legend Dane Searls passed away following a party stunt that went wrong. Attempting to dive into a swimming pool from a first story balcony at the night club Billy's Beach House in Australia on the 20 November, the 23 year old landed head first besides the pool, sending him into a coma. Searls passed away on the 24 November. The nightclub is currently under investigation over the incident.

The Unit clothing rider will be remembered within the BMX and wider community for his thirst of huge jumps and fearless riding. Just 48 hours before the accident he set a world record riding dirt jumps up to 18 metres.

Condolences to his family and friends.

More information here

Giants of Dirt: Part 2

15 November

Watts Wins AT Showdown

ATs (Andrew Taylors) Showdown 2011 invite only dirt jumping event in San Francisco ended with Greg Watts on top of the podium and Andreu Lacondeguy winning Best Trick on the weekend of the 12th and 13th November. See bottom of article for top results list and video links.

Third place Andreu Lacondeguy commented after his heat with Greg 'Double or Nothing' Watts:

"So much fun best riding event of the year... No matter what you do he's (Greg Watts) is going to add a barspin to it"

This was the first time a head-to-head style format was used for a dirt jumping event and it made for some exciting viewing, especially as the first jump was a 40ft double after a large step-down. Two riders competed side by side, and the rider with the highest scoring run continued to the next stage.

While the format added another dimension to this kind of contest, it placed a huge emphasis on consistency and subjective voting. Martin Söderström felt the full brunt of this. He arguably pulled the most solid and stylish runs with innovative combos, but since his rival pulled a frontflip, he was knocked out of the competition and ceded in a disappointing fifth place. Favourite Anthony Messerre failed to make it to the finals due to a mistake in qualifying.

Competitors didn't hold back during the Best Trick contest. Messerre landed a frontflip no-hander, but it was a double backflip from Lacondeguy that earned him the big cheque. 

It was clear that the contest, despite the course not looking up to par with that of the previous year, was a huge success and the head-to-head format made it a true showdown. However the judging raises the question: should so much emphasis be placed on flips? Sure double backflips and frontflips are impressive, but at this level it's nothing new. Shouldn't innovative and combo tricks and stylish runs be scored higher? 

Head-to-Head Results:
1 - Greg Watts
2 - Ryan Howard
3 - Andreu Lacondeguy
4 - Linus Sjöholm
5 - Martin Söderström
6 - James Visser

Best Trick Results:
1 - Andreu Lacondeguy - Double backflip
2 - Anthony Messerre - Frontflip tuck-no hander
Worst Trick: Jamie Goldman

Best Trick

Photo of the event

11 October 2011
Find the Video Series Starts Friday

The weekly getabmx 'Find the Video' series starts this Friday 14th. Each edit will be released alongside a site update which will include the video link. The series will run for three weeks and 'Two Weeks', featuring each edit as well as previously unseen footage and full credits, is out at the end of October.

Stay tuned!

24 September 2011
New Edit and Twitter

Will Peters shot some footage at Flowerpot skatepark yesterday which has been compiled into a short mini-ramp edit, featuring Milan Olivier-Recknagel and Luke Wycatt. Stay tuned for the upcoming Exeter video.

Getabmx is now on Twitter! Being in the realm of social media seems to be crucial these days to generate and maintain interest. It will be interesting to see if it has any kind of impact anyway. Follow @getabmx

10 August 2011

The Trip to Semenuk’s FMB 2011 World Tour Win

Another Freeride Mountain Bike (FMB) tour first place at Bearclaw’s Invitational secured the overall win for Brendon Semenuk before the final event, the Red Bull District Ride in Nuremberg, Germany, which will be held on the 9th and 10th of September. Below is a summary of the previous few FMB events that have been comprehensively covered by Pinkbike: Red Bull Joyride, Crankworx Colorado and Bearclaw’s Invitational.
Whistler’s Red Bull Joyride course, to many the most eagerly anticipated slopestyle event on the calendar, was built in response to the ideas culminated during consultations between the organisers and the contestants. While it may not have had obstacles as large or plentiful as in previous years, there were still a number of huge jumps and hips, and reducing the size of the drops provided riders with more confidence to go all out on tricks. New boy on the slopestyle scene, 15 year old Anthony Messere, blasted out front flip drops and ridiculous boosts on one of the hips. You can tell from this video that this kid was going somewhere from a young age, but thats still a lot of progression in four years!. 2010 winner Cameron Zink was determined to take it home once again. 
Luck came into play once again at this event, this time in favour of Semenuk. The previous year he under-rotated a flip breaking his collorbone, which ended his slopestyle season. Zink and Messere, both contenders for the top spot, crashed in their final runs. As a result, Semenuk’s highest scoring second run secured $25,000 and the win in front of a home crowd. Zink 2nd, Messere 3rd. Semenuk’s winning run.

Best quote from Red Bull Joyride: "I'm kinda nervous dude there's a lot of people here" (Andreu Lacondeguy)
At Crankworx Colorado Cam McCaul fought his demons (he broke his femur in 2010 at the same event front-flipping a drop) and nailed a front flip no-hander during his final run to take the win. Semenuk finished 2nd and Sam Pilgram took 3rd. Highlights video.
Earlier in the season Darren Berrecloth broke his back doing a frontflip at his house. For many this would be the end of their time on a bike, but for the Claw this only meant an eight week break from riding, and not much longer before a return to competition. Darren is no stranger to quick injury comebacks, having competed at Rampage last year weeks after breaking his hand at Crankworx, but this was obviously way more serious. Video of his comeback. Nothing but a huge level of mental and physical strength, and a massive amount of devotion could have enabled him to compete so soon after a critical injury, as well as manage to plan, build and guinea pig his huge course, which was next in the FMB tour. 
Bearclaws Invitational at Mount Washington was described as “probably one of the most fun courses of the year. [.. and] weird to trick” (Greg Watts - trick machine). A lot of riders made analogies with BMX trails, due to the perfect landings required to carry on through the course. Berrecloth’s track was also very mountainbike orientated with big drops and skinny ladders; not a surprising combination given his BMX and freeride background. 
Cam Zink and Sam Pilgram’s final runs were cut short. Among the highlights was Justin Wyper front flip off the ‘bonor log’, and Aptos local Ryan Howard’s super flowed and stylish runs. Berrecloth was sending smooth twist drops, twist combos and turndowns to finish 3rd, Messere placed 2nd with big tricks on every obstacle, and Semenuk won with an amazing run which included a double tailwhip on one of the finishing jumps. Messere won the highjump out of the final quarter. Freeride Entertainment videoPhoto's from qualifying. 
While the top spot of the FMB tour is taken, the other sports are still up for grabs. Cameron Zink approaches the final event in 2nd, Sam Pilgram in 3rd, and Greg Watts in 4th, although Yannick Granieri and Anthony Messere could still make the overall podium. A huge year for Brendon Semenuk though. See below for more on his rise to the top:

04 July 2011

Zink Wins First FMB Big Mountain Event

On the 3 July Cameron Zink brought home the bacon with 5000 euros from his win at Chatel Mountainstyle 2011, a gold event, and one of the few 'big mountain' courses on the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour. Relatively unknown local Antoine Bizet placed second flipping the 60 foot double at the bottom of the slope, and freeride veteran Kurtis Sorge ranked third.

Darren Berrecloth stormed back from a back injury sustained at the start of the year to finish 7th, an extremely impressive result considering the circumstances.

Chatel is one of the only courses on the FMB tour in 2011 that doesn't have a slopestyle or dirt jump layout, instead it consists of a series of large drops and huge jumps on the side of a very steep mountain. Just riding the course from top to bottom is an accomplishment in itself, so understandably riders didn't go all out on their trick repertoire. The competition was judged not only on tricks, but on line choice, speed and flow, the set of criteria used at Red Bull Rampage contests.

Brandon Semenuk currently leads the FMB World Tour, but with seven events left on the calender, he will be under increasing pressure to hold his place. Last year Cameron Zink won a series of high scoring events later in the season to take the overall win, however this coincided with Semenuk breaking his collarbone at Cokanee Crankworx. UK rider Sam Pilgram is currently second, so could he be the first Brit to win the world tour? Watch this space.

Cameron Zink's run - 1st

Antoine Bizet's run - 2nd

Kurt Sorge's run - 3nd

Chatel Mountainstyle video pre finals

Full results


28 May 2011

Triple Backflip Stomped

On the 28 May 2011, BMX history was made when Jed Mildon landed a triple backflip at the Unit T3 Mindtricks BMX Jam in Taupo, New Zealand.

“Even though I had the trick dialed perfectly into the foampit and onto an airbag set-up, I was still really nervous rolling in for my attempt, but once I was in the air it felt like time stood still and I could see each rotation perfectly. Landing with both wheels on the downramp was the most amazing feeling in the world!”

Following three months of intensive foam pit and resi ramp training the 24 year old Unit clothing rider from New Zealand committed to the huge 11 ft kicker that would spin him across the 66 ft gap to a smooth landing. His achievement was witnessed by around 2000 spectators, New Zealand's pro BMX's and a representative of the Guinness Book Of World Records.

An attempt was also made at a double backflip tailwhip on the same jump, but he cased the landing and rolled out unhurt.

In May 1997, Jay Miron landed the first double backflip, before in 2000 Dave Mirra landed the first in competition. Will it be another ten years until a quadrupole flip is landed? Who knows, I guess we'll wait and see...


Jed Mildon background

25 May 2011

Holmesy Wins a Cap, and Exeter Features in RideUK

Old news now, but congratulations to James Holmes for representing on home turf by throwing down best trick at the Odessa Flowerpot jam with a 540 bar spin on the minis. The event was held on the 31 April to celebrate the opening of a new Odessa shop in Exeter, and included riders from around the region, apart from locals Skindog and Harry who unfortunately couldn't attend. Holmes looked happy with his prizes, edit here.

RideUK bmx magazine came out with its first dedicated UK scenes issue, and featured is Exeter! As well as a couple of other spots in Devon... Shout out to Josh Kew for sticking a huge wallride, Jamie Skinner, Mike Bennett and Michael Fergurson (sick trails) for shredding in front of the lens, Jonathan Williams for the photos and words and Tim Ruck for his contribution. Issue 152, June is still on the shelves, so grab a copy if you haven't already!

07 November 2010

Watts Wins AT Showdown

A flip bar-spin off the step-down drop gave Greg Watts the edge over 16 other finalists to leave AT's (Andrew Tailor's) Showdown at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California $2,500 richer.

Other top results from the finals on the 7th of November were:

2nd: Josh Stead
3rd: Jamie Goldman
4th: Casey Groves
5th: Paul Basagoitia
6th:Tyler McCaul

This was the second year of the event, and Andrew Tailor pulled out all the stops to create an epic course consisting of a 20ft step-down drop, 35ft doubles, a step-up onto a cargo trailer to step-down and a quarter. Josh Stead (a former BMX'er) won Best Trick with a double backflip and won Biggest Whip earning himself a tidy sum.

Cam McCaul was back from injury and was looking on form. Controversy surrounded Mike Montgomery's result as he killed the course with 720s, canonballs, flairs, flip-whips and qualified first yet didn't even place in the finals. He stomped his first finals run but rolled his ankle on his second, and his first run was supposedly forgotten about when the jam ended. There is no doubting that when he isn't struck by bad luck or unfair judging (many think he should have been crowned at Crankworx) he's a difficult one to beat.

Overall the event was a success and saw the introduction of a new pro rider. It will be interesting to see what impact Josh Stead, who has just been picked up by Diety, has on the MTB scene and whether he will compete in slopestyle events next year. I also have a feeling that at the rate Mike Montgomery is progressing he will gain some big wins in 2011.

Cam McCaul headcam footage!

Practices video

Finals video

Video: run up to the comp

Lots of photos here

04 October 2010

Red Bull Rampage is Ruled by Zink

The gnarliest mountain bike event in the calender came to a close on the 2 October in the Utah desert after Cam Zink wowed all by landing a 360 off the huge 'super booter' drop. Only a couple of hours earlier he was suffering from concussion after his first attempt, which really puts into perspective the super human nature of these competitors.

Gee Atherton sent it for second place with tonnes of flow and huge lines and The Claw (Darren Berrecloth) placed third despite only recovering a week earlier from his broken hand, which he sustained at Crankworx.

What was interesting with Berrecloth's run was that he didn't use any of the man made features. Instead by using his vision of what big mountain riding should be, and with some help, he constructed his own innovative and technical line with big drops and jumps. This raises the question; should kickers and other pre-made obstacles be kept to slopestyle events? Maybe... It would sustain the old school nature of the rampage, but then if ramps attract the new generation of riders then incorporating them into the landscape is probably not such a bad idea. I think the option for riders to go either way is a winner.

But anyway, what a year for ZinkZink! After enduring years of consecutive injuries and surgery, and bad luck during competitions, he proved what he is capable of by winning the most hyped competitions in freeride and slopestyle. Although Cam is renowned in the industry, I don't think anyone could have anticipated this degree of domination.



more photos

The Claw's run

Rampage interview with Darren Berrecloth

18 August 2010

Cameron Zink Wins Crankworx Slopestyle

On Saturday the 14th of August Zink took home $15,000 on a gnarly course that scared most of the riders. Among an array of features was a 20 by 25ft drop and a snowboard style jump at the end.

Mike Montgomery followed Zink in third place (video of his run below) on a hardtail and young gun Casey Groves finished off the top three.

Unfortunately Brandon and the Claw sustained injuries that put them out of the finals. Brandon Semenuk broke his collarbone under-rotating a flip on the last jump and Darren Berrecloth broke two bones in his hand. Martin Soderstrom crashed on each of his runs.

Apparently this years course aroused debate over the size of some features, undoubtedly fueled by the injuries of two top riders. But surely tricking off 20ft drops differentiates slopestyle from BMX events, and the freeriders from the dirtjumpers? The kind of madness that is thrown down during these events is what drives slopestyles popularity, which can only be a good thing for such a niche sport.

Anyway, enough opinion. Follow these links for photos, videos and info:

10 August 2010

Cam Mcaul. Down and Out

Following a crash on a front flip drop attempt at Crankworx Colorado Slopestyle contest, July 31, one of the world's best freeriders is out with a broken right femur. He will be off his bike for six to eight weeks.

Mcaul's case by six inches was the only factor preventing an otherwise perfect rotation during his first run in the finals. On landing he was flung over the bars, breaking his leg on impact. No doubt he will be back with a vengeance undeterred by this incident to throw down the move and win some major upcoming titles.

Healing vibes.

Click for the full story

Video here

10 August 2010
Damp JLC Photo Session

After a day of showers, a clear evening sky provided the backdrop for photographer Alex Crump to shoot the first shots for the getabmx gallery. Local attendees Sam and Milan were present.

Focused on the third, an assortment of tables, euro tables, one-foot x-ups, whips, turndowns, t-bogs and general steeze were thrown down and snapped up.

The trails were damp and running slower than usual, but thanks to the spade prep work of Sam the main lines were in full flow, albeit slower than usual.

EDIT photos are in the gallery!

08 August 2010
Alex Injury Update and Trails Edit

A couple of weeks ago local rider Alex Crump had an unfortunate bail on the 8th at JLC on the hip line.

"I realised I was going to nose case two or three feet above the landing, so I jumped off, but my bike bounced back at me and sent me sideways"

The outcome was four breakages in his finger. After an operation and some pins he was good to go home with a cast. Two days ago the cast was removed and all going well Alex will be back on his bike mid September!

He recently made an edit of some footage he shot at Pinesridge and JLC. Due to copyright issues youtube removed the song, which was nicely matched to the footage. EDIT video now has sound!

Follow this link: JLC and Pinesridge Trails