Monday, 15 November 2010

Photo of the Moment

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A new Photo of the Moment will be posted infrequently. Many of the pics are taken, and descriptions written, by top local photographer Tom Goldsmith (go to the interview page for more on him) from street and park rippers. On occasion other photographers' work is also captured on this page.

09 November 2011

Harry Mills Wakley - Tbog
This shot was taken earlier in the week (June), with the sun shining even at past 8'oclock.
I have been wanting to shoot this gap for ages, as it's just that little bit different from other spots around Exeter.
Took a little white thinking about how to shoot this photo and played around with a few angles before deciding this one was that little bit more interested than your typical picture of a tbog.
Strobist: Canon 580EXII on 1/2 power to my left, Canon 430EXII on 1/1 power further down to my left. Triggered by skyports
Ed note: Another amazing shot by Mr Goldsmith of another ridiculous move pinned by Harry. I hope that Tom continues to shoot while at Uni. It will be interesting to see a different scene from behind the lens for sure. And congratulations for having your photo of Jamie Skinner featured in a Radio add printed in Ride UK BMX magazine. Keep it up! 

03 October 2011

Photo: Dezray Pinkett. Rider: Milan Recknagel
The first word is a lie. This isn't a photo but a still taken from a clip shot on the first weekend in October! After a heavy riding session and night out the previous day I decided to return to K after three hours of sleep and a hangover to ride on my last day in Exeter. Somehow I pulled it off and Dezray recorded the final couple of clips I needed for an upcoming K edit. This hip is a monster. It blew my feet off the pedals when I cased on one run by a minuscule amount. Amazing trails. Respect to Pete and the other locals. Till next year!

15 September 2011

Photo by Matt Rowland. Rider: Freddy Pulman at Sheet trails
Fred was killing it during the entire road trip at every spot we visited (see stories page), and threw huge supermans and loose twists. Sheet was my favourite spot of the trip due to the speed and flow of the trails. Another extended superman, and perfect light and timing from the photographer. 

09 July 2011

Photo by: Milan. Rider: JLC Sam, turndown
Shot while testing the Gopro. This photo rocks for three reasons: 1, I thought the camera was recording video (oops ha), when actually it was on 'burst', so this photo was completely unplanned, 2. Its a super clicked turndown, 3. First trails photo of the moment!

01 July 2011

Rider: Tim Ruck, X-up into the river Exe, summer 1993

17 May 2011

Jamie Skinner - 180 bars
Jamie Skinner had an edit go up online this week, filmed over 2 days with exception of a couple of clips. Since the edit has come out I felt it was the right time to release these photos, most of which were taken during the filming of his edit. The edit made it onto DIGBMX, RIDEUK and THECOMEUP and seemed to get some good reactions and rightly so as his riding is on lock. Skinner is by far the most dedicated rider I know and really does go all out, ready to give anything a try at any time. Whether it's riding street or park Jamie seems to attract attention and believe me when I say watch this space.

Storbist: 1 Canon 580EXII on 1/1 power to my left, 1 Canon 430EXII on 1/2 power far left. Triggered by skyports.

6 March 2011

Photo by Will Peters, shot at Arena skatepark.
Rider: Milan Recknagel
Sorry to be vain, but this is an awesome photo of a euro air. It had been over six months since I last rode here, and I'm going to be visiting more often. This quarter is how quarters should be, and the jump box is fun...

27 January 2011

Photo by Will Peters, taken at Unit, 24 January 2011
Rider: Steve Bowler
Quote from Will sums it up nicely: 'Probably one of the sickest things ive seen, after getting his handle bar stuck in the netting that lines the roof he stomps this huge wallride'.

25 january 2011

Photo by Will Peters. Taken at Mount Hawke, 16 January.
Riders: Dave (turndown), Steve (tailwhip), Milan (wallride).
When the idea for this photo came about, I invisioned 100 runs, exhaustion and frustration. Well i couldn't have been more wrong. This photo was taken on the third attempt, which shows how dialled Steve and Dave are in terms of co-ordination. Awesome day, awesome photo.

 20 December 2010

Harry Mills Wakley - Tuck No Hands

Mount Hawke

27 November 2010

Jamie Skinner - Barspin

This was actually crazy, a barspin on a moving train with hardly any space at all! With loads of people watching wandering what was going on. Epic

Strobist: 1 x Canon 430EXII handheld to the left of camera on 1/8 power bounced of ceiling. Triggered by skyports.

15 November 2010

Josh Kew - Wallride

On a bit of a spur of the moment decision a few of us decided to head down to Newquay, always nice riding somewhere different. This play park was awesome with loads of fun lines, once again Josh going big blasting a wallride.

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