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10 December

Skateparks and websites

Over the last month the weather has been worse than usual. As the ground hasn't been dry for about two weeks the only place to ride has been indoors. As well as weekly sessions at The Works I have visited a few other parks in the region since riding with BMX'er Steve, who I first met during uni. So far I have rolled my big wheels through the doors of Terminal 1, Joys of Grindz and Upton. Other spots I have yet to ride within a two hour vicinity of Sheffield are UKSkate and Rampworx.

Upton is the tightest skatepark I have ridden in the UK! A lot is crammed into a relatively small area. The main room includes a vert wall with an incredibly short transition leading to a jump box before two volcanoes directly back to back. When riding here you need fast reactions. Un-surprisngly there weren't any other MTB riders...

The ironically named Joys of Grindz (it isn't really suited to grinding at all) is a new privately owned spot that has some good features, such as a bowl with a curved wallride, a jump box, foam pit and a large, wide quarter with a 5ft quarter coming out of it. It was good to session but the odd spine set up and mellow jump box let it down.

Terminal 1 has a large riding scene, probably due to its large and incredibly kicky jump box, bowl with a hip and foam pit. I particularly enjoy the box as it has the exciting feel of a steep double at a set of trails, and it's an ideal place to dial new tricks. Second to The Works it is my favourite park so far, and it has also become a weekly spot.

I have plans to shoot footage at The Works over the next couple of weeks and at other parks in the new year. And maybe I should create an indoor skatepark guide for the site? If demand is there it could be done.

Talking of the site, was hosted last week, and it has received over 100 unique visitors within 24 hours of being announced. The site will receive a lot of attention, with a focus on delivering quality material on a more frequent basis. A Facebook page has also been set up and linked with the GetaBMX twitter account. I considered setting up a blog on the site too but decided that I didn't want the website to become too personal. If people are interested in what I have to blabber on about then this is the place to read it!

Stay tuned to, and follow @getabmx or on Facebook to keep up to date with frequent updates including, hopefully, a new video before the end of the year.

Shying away from lip tricks

21 October

Welcome to the first blog update from my new home in Sheffield.

After two years of living back home since finishing Uni it was time to move on, but before I left I was adamant to make the most of the local spots, which I did! While it was way overdue the feeling of blasting through K-hole more than made up for the wait. As the caption under the current Photo of the Moment illustrates, I even pulled it together tired and hungover (it was my last day, it was sunny and I needed a couple more clips for an edit...) The footage from that place is some of the best I've captured. In one week you'll see why...

So riding wise I've actually ridden more in Leeds than in Sheffield. Why? This place. The Works is possibly my favourite skatepark. I didn't have this view at first but since getting a feel for the 6foot bowl, overcoming my fear of the large and steep spine, and blasting the volcano, I can tell that my riding has already improved considerably, and no I haven't expanded my two trick repertoire! It's no surprise that the place breeds amazing riders, all BMX of-course. Expect a killer (MTB) edit by the end of the year.

The Find the Video series is in full swing. If you're behind you can find the first one here. As you may have guessed you're in the right place for this weeks episode, so without further ado:

Twenty Four

Ride with style, milan

20 September

Roadtrips, Champery and a final two weeks in Exeter

Notice how I didn't refer to the weather in the title? Well I didn't want to give it the satisfaction (assuming the weather has a mind, enjoys being miserable and reads my blog...) Luckily though it didn't get in the way of the trips that took place during the start of the month. I won't go into any detail because they have been covered by articles under the stories tab, but one of the videos made it onto which is pretty cool. From a personal point of view though they were great at improving my riding, and in particular, my trails confidence. Since my nose bonk to concussion, a split chin and messy hand at the great K the previous year, I have had an irrational fear of the place. So during a brief, damp and windy evening session there last week, when I rode the main line to the end I was psyched. Got to try some others next time!

In international news, Danny Hart (Great Britain), blurred the boundaries of physics when he stormed to victory at Champery during the UCI Downhill World Championships on the 4th September. His win by over 11 seconds on an extremely steep and technical course in atrocious conditions made this one of the most famous runs in downhill history. I don't think anyone told him it was wet, muddy and raining... His run is simply amazing to watch. click here for video.

On the 10th of September the final FMB event, the Red Bull District Ride in Nuremberg, came to an end with Sam Pilgrim taking the win. Martin Soderstrom placed second and Brandon Semenuk was third. While Pilgrim threw down an array of flip and twist combos throughout the 1km course, Soderstrom was my favourite rider of the event. He had an extremely fluid style and his bar spin to nac-nac on one of the smaller jumps was one of my highlights. In the 'Best Trick' contest he pulled a triple tailwhip but Spaniard Andreu Lacondeguy won with an extended super-flip. More FMB info here. Click here for video.

As the title says I am moving out of Exeter to live in Sheffield at the beginning of October. Before then I am hoping to pack in as many rides as possible and get some good footage for an edit or two. Unfortunately much of this is in the hands of the sky, so I'm hoping that the rain holds off long enough for the tails to dry up for a few days!

Video links:

Boarding House Team at Unit23

What the Trails

London Way

Stay on your bike, milan

7 August

Rain and videos

Well it’s been a while since the last update! Unfortunately since the excitement over Pinesridge in the previous post the spot is now derelict since the local rats/ kids/ idiots destroyed a take off amongst other things, and there hasn’t been much enthusiasm to persist with the spot (for now). 

In July I was in Morzine as standard for the time of year. The theme of misfortunes in this write up prevails as it was the wettest trip experienced over the past 7+ years! No great stories of sending huge jumps this year, but the first Alps video came out of it: ‘Grey Goose’. See the write up under ‘stories’ for more.
When I came back from holiday I picked up my bike from Sidwell Cycles with new bars, grips, rim and spokes, so the Tonic is riding more dialled than ever. It’s nice to stop worrying about bar breakage and snapped spokes for sure! 
The K-hole jam went off a couple weekends ago. I managed to get down for part of it on the Sunday, and although word was that big tricks were sent on the Saturday, it was great to see local and pro riders including Sam Reynolds go high and sideways on trains through the big trick set. A mention has to go to Jay Crowley for boosting some huge twists and combos consistently on every run. Most of all, good work to locals Pete, Newman and others for their hard work in organising the jam and putting in the prep spade work to craft the tidiest set of trails I’ve ever seen! 
I took my camera to JLC yesterday, and since it rained today I got straight onto the edit. See below for a link to the video, can’t think of a much better way to pass three minutes. Crank your speakers up, press play and enlarge to full-screen! 
A lot has been going on over the past month in the slopestyle international world. I’ll do my best to summarise the last three major events in a news update over the next couple of days. Expect more edits to come...

Links and videos:

Ride trails, milan

17 May 2011

Bouncers, booster jumps, pumptracks, shit skateparks, new sponsors and Ranchstyle

It’s been a pretty eventful couple of months since the last update. Off the bike, I’ve been to New York, put some metal on a girls finger, and had the pleasure of being aggressively taken out by three bouncers during a gig and carried out, with absolutely no explanation as to why… Rock n roll or what, haha. Anyway, back on topic.

Pinesridge is back on the map! The mainline is the best it’s ever been, with bigger landings and beautifully crafted steep lips. It’s pretty cool to have a third jump that looks completely wrong, but rides so right. Possibly the most fun jump I’ve ever ridden, as it shoots you to ridiculous heights. The new hip line is on its way too, and looks like it will be almost too fun once it’s dialled in, and the first hip isn’t so ‘do or die’. Definitely time to sort out car insurance! Note of caution though: Even if the jumps seem dry (unless it hasn’t rained for weeks), they are probably still damp and a bit fragile. BRING A SPADE. Hands up I didn’t on a spontaneous visit, poor trails etiquette not to be repeated.

Spent a day at K-hole way back during the hot spell with most of the Vader crew and the K locals. Massive credit for all the work that’s gone into the pumptrack! It wasn’t cool riding the trails as cautiously as I did, but other riders were throwing down, and it looks like Newman has faced his 360 demons twisting the rather large trick jump.

I visited Cullompton’s newish skatepark with Totness Will the other day, which was a bit disappointing after seeing some photos of it; way tighter than it looks on a computer screen! And did I mention how slippery the place is…

Props to Jamie Skinner for signing with Radio Bikes, although it’s been a long time coming for him to pick up a sponsor from a bicycle company, this guy shreds hard!

In international news (too lazy to write a proper article), the first American round of the FMB (freeride mountain bike) tour was launched with the Ranchstyle Slopestyle contest in Colorado. Trick machine Greg Watts took the win and Mike Montgomery won ‘best trick’ with a backflip bar hop. Highlights video

Some blog stuff for you to browse – new photo of the moment and a gallery update, plus make sure you watch the edits below, or well, you’re missing out on a good time.

New York street

Austin trails video, featuring some pros and Dan Oakaby!

Jamie Skinner Radio Bikes edit

Dank trails

Also check out other ‘Dank trails’ edits, the roadtrip video is worth watching just for the brilliantly put-together second half featuring AT’s showdown from last year.

Nike 6.0 Pool videos and results

Till next time, milan

29 March 2011

Trails trails TRAILS!

You heard right, it might be March, but the trails season has began!

Over the last week and weekend there has been a mad digging rampage at JLC to get the main line running, and last sunday saw the first JLC evening session on newly lipped jumps. Everyone was quick to find their trails head and start to flow and trick. Looks like there's a new rider in town too, Jay from up north. A super gnarly rider too, throwing twists, nothings, bar spins, supermans and the lot within half an hour of riding the trails for the first time! (oh and he's a street rider...)

Apparently K-hole is running good, with a new pump track and jumps by the run in. Don't tell anyone, but since my last visit, from which I left stupid concussed and with bent forks and a broken frame, I'm a bit apprehensive about going back... I'm sure I will be there soon enough though haha. Now all thats needed to complete the local trails arena is Pinesridge, where London Joe and Mike are planning to hire a digger to finish the revamp. I'll hopefully have some updates in the near future.

Oh and before I go, a couple of super sick local edits. The first is by Mike Bennett, with riding from him and London Joe at Pinesridge and skateparks. The second (with a slightly different soundtrack) is by Holmsey, of Jamie Skinner, and its ridiculous!

Mike Bennett and London Joe (Joe Godsall)

Jamie Skinner

Keep digging!


28 January 2011

Park tripping

As this is the first update in 0'11, happy new year!

January has been a pretty awesome riding month, and is setting the pace for some mad rider progression this year. I've been going on a fair few evening sessions with team Vader UK to indoor parks across the region. These boys are always pushing it and are inspiring to ride with. I would be lying if I didn't say they've made me step it up. Its been great to have Will on board as well, and he's taken some killer shots (see gallery).

This is also the middle of the digging season... To date there have only been a couple of dig days at JLC, but I'll put this down to an icy past month as apposed to laziness or riding instead (ha). Anyway plans have been made and new lines are in progress (think tight and big), which I'm sure will contribute to an even crazier trails season than last year.

If you want to catch us, then put Mondays for Unit and Wednesdays for Prime in your diaries (evenings). Hopefully a return trip to Hawke will be made in February... Oh and before I go, big shout out to Sidwell Cycles for sorting me out with new forks! And I will also be running un-bent bars soon. Bent cranks are sticking around for a little while though. That's all for now.

Ride hard


20 December 2010

Snow and indoor parks

I'm pretty sure this is the most amount of snow I've ever seen in Exeter...

Well anyway riding wise its just meant a change of scenery, as nicely demonstrated by Harry in photo of the moment. Over the last few weeks I've had some rad sessions at Prime skatepark in Plymouth, riding with sender Dave and whoever else who has made it out. Despite the snow the trains are still running so who's up this wednesday? Thursday will hopefully go as planned and see my last ride of the year in a TBC park.

Just in-case you've forgotten what trails are, here is a stark reminder

Till next year


15 November 2010

Underwater trails and darkness

An awesome summer of riding is now a distant memory as the nights set in and the park and street rides go down (in-between the rain).

It's time to step it up at the parks and on the streets and get pumped over a dry day. If you want inspiration then there is a new feature for you to check out: Photo of the Moment! The best street and park photos will be uploaded every week or so from Tom Goldsmith's extensive library. Initially I had planned to do a top ten photos feature, but credit has to be placed where it is due so thanks Nadine for the idea of running it as a feature.

Over the coming months I will ride as much park as I can (not very much) and work on my embarrassing street skills. Oh and the trails need digging...



23 August 2010

A week of Franitic weather, shred and site updates

Well it's been a pretty eventful week!

Having only just learnt t.bogs I've been throwing them around everywhere and anywhere, including in airs at the skatepark which I am stoked about! Due to absence my park riding had been going downhill so I put some hours in to get some flow back on the ramps.

It was great to spend a couple of evenings riding pinesridge again with London Joe, Mike and Oakably at the start of the week. The jumps were dialled and it felt awesome throwing twists for the first time in a month! One session had them down each run after the odd t.bog which was immense. Mike was tearing the place up sending style first class as usual.

Wednesday was Steve's last ride before sailing to Canada for three weeks. There was an excellent turnout at the trails and I got some acceptable photos for Steve's interview write up and for the gallery. It was sick to see Newman as well outside of his territory killing it with one foot tables regular and opposite, and some crazy crankflips over everything in sight!

On Saturday I met some dudes at flowerpot over from Britany in France on a roadtrip in the U and K. They are predominantly park riders due to a lack of local trails, but were up for hitting some dirt so I caught a ride with them and guided them to JLC. It is always cool seeing riders hit up a set of trails for the first time, especially when one of them is brakeless... After a session that saw one guy go through main and some comedy and harsh bails they headed off for Bristol. Hearing about their roadtrip plan made me realise that they will probably hit more spots in the UK in two weeks than I ever have... Really need to get some trips sorted in the near future!

I am leaving tomorrow for just over ten days in Scotland, Budapest and Bratislava with that hot girl of mine, so it was sweet to get a damp ride at JLC this evening with Simpson and Mills.

Anyway that's all from me. Keep it high and sideways!