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Welcome to getabmx!

Photo by George Archard, taken at JLC, 2009
Why 'getabmx'? 'Cause I ride a MTB on groomed trails and in skateparks. Why a MTB? 'Cause I don't feel comfortable on a BMX. The name originates from comments made during the early days of big wheel ventures into skateparks. Fast forward several years and I mainly ride with and among BMX riders. To me it's all about boosting with style, getting sideways and riding with flow. 

Getabmx features stories of trips, interviews with BMX and MTB shredders as well as key people in the industry, site, local and international news, product reviews, photos and an irregular account of my riding experiences. 

Oh and at the bottom of the page you'll find the most recent getabmx production!

I grew up riding bikes in Devon, which is where most of the material on the site originates, however as I am now based in Sheffield expect more northern content to come.

Enjoy the site!

Have a story/ news/ photos/ info about upcoming riding events/ know someone who you think should be interviewed? Email milanboez@hotmail.com

Two Weeks (double click on video to access full screen)